Nick's Journal
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2002-04-11 00:37:45 (UTC)

Stoned Candidate

Here's the communist stoner.
-- Hi.
I am the..............shit. I THAT guy. Yeah,
shit....did the paper just move? Well um, yeah. Here's
what I'm gonna do I'm gonna do away with all this hatred
of violence and hatred of like, wait what did i just say?
but yeah, flowers are like totally the answer. i'm gonna
shower everyone with guinea pigs. shit, everyone gets a
guinea pig.....a guinea pig that makes dorritoes. oh hell
yeah. and taco bell will like be our national anthem.
and like.....i'll make marijuana like totally legal again,
or has it been outlawed? shit.
masturbating in public will be alright because i know how
you feel when you're like all stoned and shit and your
balls give you that tingly feeling and.......whoops, there
goes that train of thought. anyhow. like we're gonna
totally have a hall meeting where i'm going to tell you
that the best answer to your query is to allow the
government to dictate your life through beaucracy so that
like, no mean people get rich. because you know rich
people are mean. and they're like totally bourgeoisie and
even though that's the sorta like important to the way i
think and shit i have no fucking clue what it means, all i
know is that i go apeshit giggling whenever i say
it..........bourgeoisie....hehe, ya didn't see that
shit, i'm gonna be like fucking jesse owens out there. you
won't know what's gonna happen. so as long as your
reaction time is delayed to say...........10 mins. after
something happens, then you won't know what hit you.
ok right now i'm so stoned.....and oh shit dude. my cat
just said the smartest damn thing. you gotta talk to my
cat. shit, he's gonna be my right hand man. shit, sorry,
right hand cat. haha, cats.......yeah well i'm so stoned
right now i can't go on, i gotta hit up taco bell.
VOTE FOR ME!!! on.........awh shit if you don't know that
then you're like so uncool.

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