Then There's Me.
2002-04-11 00:37:27 (UTC)


Hey. This is my online journal. wow. woopdeedoo. I've
kept soooooo many journals b4, and my record of longest-
running is 4 weeks. (Not bad, huh?)

I don't know how long I can keep this up, but I guess
I'll make the promise I always make: I WILL WRITE IN THIS
WHENEVER I HAVE THE TIME. Sure. I think this thing might
last for maximum 2 weeks. Just a guess.

So whats up with me, and first of all, who is "me"? My
name is Candace Burghton, and I go to Kimberdale Secondary
(Never heard of it? I don't live in a town called
Kimberdale. Nobody knows why the school is called that.)
Anyway, I have the most BORING teacher in the UNIVERSE!!!
(If she is from ours.) Oh, sorry. "Boring" is usualy the
wrong term for it. People get the wrong Idea. Parents
say, "Can't you just TRY to listen to her?" you can't. It's
impossible. You try to listen, but before you know it, you
find yourself in either the Twilight Zone (My favorite
place!!!lol:) or Dreamland. The worst thing is, she teaches
math and l.a. Math would be boring even if it weren't for
her. I dont have a problem with l.a., though. Too bad she
ruins it.

Enough complaining. You're not supposed to start of a
journal with "What I Did Today" so I'm not going to. I'm
going to end it right now...