U think u know, but u have no Idea
2002-04-11 00:21:04 (UTC)

Meaghan's top ten most embarrasing moments

well today, I have a new one to add. The all so famous Jr,
jeff clapacs came to school today. He's pretty hott, and
well....17(makes him 5 times hotter)So anyway I was walking
to my locker, and of course he stops right in front of my
locker and leans againts the wall. So I act like i don't
notice him and continue to dig through my locker. I turn my
head slightly to see he's watching me. I turned around
grinning. I fliped my curly hair(I wore it natural today,
didn't feel like using the flat iron,lol)and begain walking
past him bakc and forth pretending I'm looking for
something. Damn, it was time for class, i ran to class
realizing i forgot my A Seperate Peace book and run back to
my locker which he still is at. i don't look at, just act
like he's not there and take all the stuff out my
locker,lol. So then I can;'t find a pencil. I ask some
random guy down the hall,he dosn't have one, I look at jeff
and say never mind and run in the teachers lounge and steal
one. I ran to class, and turned around as i closed the door
behind me.....he was looking. I sat down between Caitlin
and Mike, and tell caitlin how jeff is here and all, when i
go to turn in my paper, Caitlin whipsers in my ear... "ur
underwear is showing....big time." GODDAMMIT! can't I have
just one smooth moment. i turn around and see between my
khakies and yellow polo, BLACK, and it's pretty obvious
it's my under wear. But at least It wasn't like scooby doo
underwear or somthing. that would have been worse. Ohh yeah
i just remembered another dumb thing i did a few weeks ago.
Ok so I was in cancun, and had my period.... no prob., use
tampons. I was tanning and this really hott group of guys
walked by, I got up fast so I could prance by them when
they sat down (like 3 chairs away from me,lol) so as I am
walking u know, in my skimpy lil pink bikini, they all turn
and check me out, taylor(my lil sis) says, meg, ur tampon
string is hanging out.AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I almost died, I
don't think they noticed, and if they did, hopefully they
wern't smart enough to catch on. But anyway, I gotta fin.,
writing this paper on the crusades so ttyl diary
mood: BORED, doing hw
clothes:white tank top, blue mesh Miami University shorts,
Long sleeved grey shirt that says Nantucket LAX, and white
flip flops(just got back from track practice, OHH YEAH!)
song: Vanessa Carlton:a thousand Miles.I LUV THAT SONGhehe

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