De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2002-04-10 22:06:09 (UTC)


Thursday 11/04/02

Last nite, me and my flatmates, Naoko (Nai), Yvonne, Laila
and Ayaka went to Hede to celebrate Nai's 24th
birthday..lotsa of her friends were there as well..some
which i've met once few months ago..and shenwei, the
international office guy was there too..hmmm..

anyway, the gals were all dressed up to the nines..It was a
cosy dinner for about 12 pple..mostly an international
setting..we have japanese, chinese, kiwi, indonesians,
pacific, canadian all on the menu :P You won't believe how
much wine we consumed last night...the whole table should
have around 10-12 bottles of wine...the chardonnay ayaka
bought tasted especially good, smooth and silky :)
was great too..i had kaki don, some jap oysters ricey
thingy...tasted good

Nai's friends, Miho, Ayako and Kaoru are really nice to
chat with...Miho, havin done some research on singapore ,
was really curious with our housing and yeah,
tried my best to explain it to her , hehehe.. Ayako and
Miho then tried to teach me the different spoken forms of's really hard...the respectful tone??? and the
casual tone?? but it was fun anyway...Kaoru is the techie
guy, a mac geek, he said, surprise! we ended
talkin about technology..he was describing this electronics
district in japan...aiki-something.. where the whole city
is just a plain tech town..with neon signs and would love to visit there..the japanese
spoke really good it was really easy
communicating with em..prob because they have already
stayed in NZ fo almost 4-5years...poor ayaka, who just
arrived..she could hardly comprehend what we spoke about

oh , the everyone tipsy...nai was giggling non-
stop , laughing at whatever stuff pple said...mami was
there too! it was great catchin up with her again..she just
came back frm auckland...we have something in common, we
are both exchange students to NZ...and she missed NZ
(welly) so much that she returned here 2 years after she
went back to japan to finish her degree...hmmmmm....

we spent almost 4 hours chattin in the restaurant, all
slightly drunk of course...yvonne went around askin pple if
her hair is spoilt? huh? the poor waitresses have to wait
patiently for us to finally finish up around 11pm b4 they
can go home..awww...

it was a nice, cosy dinner..and really good to catch up
with mami as well as meeting new friends