Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-04-10 21:38:45 (UTC)

The Debacle That Is Time Trundles On.

So another day, another satisfaction, another nothing much
to report.

Sunnmy today, so we went and played football in the park,
and I even left the house on TWO (that's TWO) other
occasions between reading further into Papillon and not
quite getting my teeth into my work as well as I'd planned.
But nevertheless, I got into it, and can continue to
continue, as Paul Simon once wrote.

I made my legendary iced tea today, of the peach variety,
and it sufficed to keep me happy during the evening's
football, which suffered from anti-climax, as all the worst
things do.

Nothing else to say.

What I'm Listening To (As in as I write, rather than
generally) - Jim O'Rourke - Women Of The World (Eureka, and
it reminds me to buy his new one soon-ish too, especially
with Mum&Dad and The Alice Band coming out).

Until tomorrow. Another similar day tomorrow.