Chapter One: The Evil Within
2002-04-10 21:31:35 (UTC)

In case you were wondering....

I was not ignoring anyone today, if thats what you
think... I was preforming a Psychology experiement in which
i didnt talk from the moment i signed in from being late to
school. I figured you would think this. Then, after school
I went to Beckys, we had fun. Anyways, I am not ignoring
you, and I am not letting one "mis-understanding" fuck up a
4 year friendship.

Also, if you would like to know, Emily, you, in your
diary brough up the point that Matt dont like Adam, so isnt
that the same as Myself not likeing whore... I mean,
Chrissy. Well, no its not, one Matt does not see Adam and
kick himself for forgetting his lighter, and two, I told
Matt I was definatlly going with you and Adam, and if he
didnt like it he would have to suck and deal, or he would
have to meet me there, but I TOLD him before I asked him to
go, and made it clear that no matter what i was going with
you, and I ALSO TOLD you I was asking Matt, so it looks
totally different, and btw, matt says that he can tolerate
Adam. :)