No Matter How Hard I Try...
2002-04-10 21:16:12 (UTC)


I am so freaking stressed out. I was just kinda bitchy to
someone, but I really, really, really dont care right now.
I started off this morning in a good, bouncy mood. I
couldn't stop laughing for more than around 30 seconds. I
was happy, and it was great. 3rd period came around and I
got really frustrated with people. Now, I am just stressed
and mad.
One thing that is going on I cant say in this diary. Too
many people can read it :)
Drill. Ok. We are going exhibition. No one takes anyone
elses ideas. There is a group of at least 3 girls that will
not take ideas from anyone. Everything has to be their way,
or manipulated by them becasue they want to be the leaders.
One is really making me mad. Yesterday i got chewed out 3
times for practicing during water break. I want to learn
and if i cant practice, there is something wrong.
I'm gunna go.
love you! :)

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