Pure Belligerence
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2001-05-24 02:51:50 (UTC)

*Funny funny*

I seem to have forgotten... or just not thought about what
happened in bio in the last entry i wrote. Well, in our
lab group, (alicia, me, cody(really fucking funny guy) and
kevin(even more funny than cody... mostly observational
things... me and alicia know he is gonna be the next tom
green or andy dick)) ok, so were disecting a from in our
group and me and alicia love this kind of stuff so we just
dig in and the guys are kind of grossed out and cody keeps
getting irritated because i think hes was a little bit
squimish, like he was saying guys.. dont rip it appart like
that, when in fact we were doing what we were supposed to.
He suddenly said he wanted to help so i told him to hold
the small intestine up so i could cut the membrane, he did,
but only for a second and then he got this grossed out look
on his face and told alicia she could do it. Now, about
the whole disection thing, i think in an ideal world no
animal would ever have to die for human use, but the field
i am going to be going into requires knowledge of anatomy
first hand.... and this is how im gonna get it. So i cut
the first two layers of the frog and we seperate and take
out the lower organs and then we had our lunch break. When
we get back cody and kevin deside they want to do the rest
of the disection. So i give up my scissors and they
started to just mutilate this poor frog... so we instruct
them a bit. Then when they are trying to take out the
heart they cut out the throat.... but the sad thing is they
thought thats what they were supposed to do. Ugh! So then
cody desides to aim the frog at us and squeeze the eye.
The eye pops and frog juice comes flying at us so what do
we do? scream. It really was involuntary. And mrs. w
being the bitch she is tells us girls... thats called
overreacting, one more outburst like that and youre getting
a 0 for this lab. BITCH. So eventually we finish and the
guys are cleaning things up and i dont know who... cody
said it was kevin when kevin was gone.... but the sink at
our lab table is turned up to full blast by one of the guys
and they know damn well that sink splatters when its turned
on even a little bit so were sitting down and all of the
sudden we get water splashed all over our face and im
soaked (luckily for them my clothes didnt get wet) so what
else can we do but scream? but mrs w didnt seem concerned
this time. good. and were about ready to go... mrs w
comes up to check our lab station, says where are your
tools... and kevin the dumbass put them away before she
could check them so we got a 0 on the cleanup part of the
lab. if i havent said it enough, UGH! One more thing i
didnt mention... i wore my hair curly to school today...
the way it is naturally without me spending an hour
blowdrying it... and so many people said stuff to me.
First alicia said amy your hair is curly... you look soooo
cute. AHHH, i HATE being called cute. And then jenna
says... your hair looks different... yes jenna, very good
observation.... and then Mrs. thompson says amy your hair
looks nice today.... gee thanks people.... and then Amy
says to me AMY..... AHH, you look so CUTE today. i just
about killed her. And then mr. o, the student teacher who
flirts with all the girls mouths to me... well not really
mouths but everyone was talking so he said it just so i
could hear it.... your hair is curly today... it looks
good. Right....