Learning How To Smile
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2002-04-10 19:56:33 (UTC)

Colorgenics Profile

A friend sent me this link.

The results seem to truley fit my current mood.

My Colorgenics Profile:

At this time you are really feeling quite exhausted by all
the conflict and quarrelling that is going on about you and
you are looking for some sort of protection from this state
of affairs. Ideally you are seeking a peaceful condition
and a tranquil environment in which you can be afforded the
chance to relax and recover.

You are a leader in every sense of the word. You know where
you are going and you know what you need to do in order to
get there. You exercise an inherent initiative in
overcoming obstacles and difficulties. You either hold, or
wish to achieve, a position of authority by means of which
full control can be exerted over events.

In spite of the fact that you believe that your hopes and
ideas are realistic, it is hard for you to accept that your
needs and desires are misunderstood by almost everyone
within your sphere of influence and there is no-one to turn
to or rely on. Your pent-up emotions and inherent
egocentricity make you quick to take offence, but as
matters stand you realize that you will have to make the
best of things as they are.

Presently, you are experiencing stress because of
restriction on your independence. You need and seek respect
from other people and it is essential that they appreciate
you for yourself and not for what they would like you to
be. You have your own beliefs and convictions and you would
like to be respected for them. You are anxious to avail
yourself of every opportunity that may come your way but
nevertheless, come what may, you have the need to control
your own destiny without imposed limitations or

You are fed up with other people trying to influence you
and you also feel that it is necessary to protect yourself
from the threat that your independence and freedom may be
restricted. You would just like to be left alone.