a rop through my mind....
2002-04-10 19:24:42 (UTC)

*sigh* again


ok, so i'm not so great about keeping up with this thing,
or maybe i just dont' have as much to say as i thought i
would, which is more likely, but since people actually read
this thing (thanks jen for confirming it today :) ) i
figured i'd make another entry...

back has been in spasim since sunday, starting to feel a
little better today, got muscle relaxants from the wellness
center, not tea! yay! (their answer for everything, after
asking if you're pregnant, is herbal tea....yes, this is
where we have to go if we get sick, they can't even
diganose bronchitious (spelling is off sorry) properly),
and they called to check up on me! they get some credit,
they also give out free condoms, so that's good too...not
that i have sex ever.....i'm a good little girl, i don't do
things like that....

ok, yeah so, found out that in may TMBG (my fave band) is
coming to mass (which is near to here and near to
home :):):) ) and jeff and i are going to go cuz he loves
them too :) so it will be fun :)

what else....well, for those of you from NH and wondering
when i'll be back, i'll prolly be home on the 19th till the
21st, so you can catch me then (sara's play is then i'm
going back for that...) that is all for now