Oh,The Insanity
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2002-04-10 19:00:53 (UTC)


Life isn't much different. Same old, same old. According
to a very close "friend" of mine, her life is going to
shit...but I think she's crazy cuz I'm not plotting against
HER. I guess this is my entry which will clear my name or
maybe get her to realize I didn't do this to hurt her.

So, I asked a friend to go to ball with our group and Vicki
flipped out because she hates the girl...but Vicki's date
hates Adam soo...I don't see what the difference here is.
She avoided me at school today. :- and that kinda makes me
sad cuz she's (apparently) going to let a miniscule thing
like this ruin a 4 year friendship...right-o. And to make
matters worse, I'm pretty sure that there are other people
who are pissed at me too. I guess Jenn and I are kinda
friends now...freaky. And I fucked up adam's life
thats it for now.