a little piece of me
2002-04-10 19:00:46 (UTC)

much done

today in metals, i got quit a bit done. i got all the tiny
little circles cut out and made into domes. these were
then soldered onto round discs, which will be riveted onto
the bracelet. all i have left to do is to score and bend
the bracelet and to attach the mirrors (solder on little
wires which will be bent over the mirrors to hold them in
place) and the domes. i might go in this weekend and do
some work on it. i could probably have it done by next
wednesday if i were to do that. that would be really
nice. actually, that would be awesome...then i wouldn't be
counted absent the following monday when i'll be coming
home from turtle's. definitely going in this weekend then.

next week is jessie's birthday. i haven't gotten her
anything yet. i'm not sure what to get her, actually. i
don't even know what's going on. elizabeth called and
asked if i had anything planned, but it had totally slipped
my mind. i think i might invite jessie to go to the
gallery opening with me so elizabeth can sneak in a
decorate the place. we were going to fill her car up with
popcorn last year, so maybe we'll do that this year while
she's with me, too. hehe, that would be funny.

other than that, nothing really going on. i've been
burning cd's like there's no tomorrow. if anyone knows of
any good gothy bands or some industrial bands (like
wumpscut, not so much like vnv nation) please let me know.
i need some new music. my new thing now is still godspeed
you black emperor. very good music. kinda mellow though.
i need something loud yet sad and depressing.

alrighty, i'm outa here.