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2002-04-10 18:18:33 (UTC)

Daniel's Birthday

Last night was Daniel's birthday, and Ry and I stayed
up all night, seriously. We didn't go to sleep because the
party started at midnight, and by 3:00, we were like,
what's the point of sleeping for only 2 hours, so we stayed
up. It was Ry, me, Daniel, Laura, Garrett, Travis, and
Brandon. We had so much fun. I really like Travis, I'm glad
he's starting to hang out with us more. Brandon can be
wierd, but he's a cool guy. I told Travis about how I
totally had a crush on him when we were in academic
decathlon in high school, because he likes this girl Ali,
and is convinced that she won't give him a chance
because "nobody ever likes" him. So I told him that he's
actually a very likable person, and that I even had a big
crush on him in high school. There's proof of it on
videotape- when they were giving out the decathlon awards,
my dad was videotaping and you can hear me in the
background, when Travis wins, screaming, "I love you
Travis!". It's funny. But I think that gave him a little
more confidence, which is good. Except that I really don't
like Ali, and I know he could do better. She's such a
bitch. He needs someone like a Tiff or a Gini. Someone
who's smart, but not a know-it-all, fun, but not a total
party animal, and friendly, but not a slut. Brandon and I
can hook him up, we'd be good at that. I already know that
I'm good at it, look at Gini and Coby for chrissake.
I'm pretty out of it right now. I just want to go home
and sleep. I've got 5 hours to go. I'll try and sneak a
long lunch, so I can just zone. I actually don't have a
headache or feel sick or anything, I'm just not all here
right now. Luckily, Lauren isn't here today, so I'm not
really working and I'm not stressed out. But I still can't
wait to go home.