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i hate my life
2000-12-19 17:58:15 (UTC)

Hey all~ I have to say that..

Hey all~
I have to say that the onle think I have learned is
that life is the most unpredictable thing ever!! One day it
seems your life is coming to an end, and then the next day
you are having the best day of your life (not that this is
what is happening to me or anything) It is just that I was
reading what I had written a couple of days ago and i see
how depressed I feeling. As for today, I am felling fine.
This past week or so, I started studying the Bible and just
realizing how thankful I should be for each day I have on
this earth. I have put on this earth for something,I just
have to find what my purpose is.
About being thankful for each day, this is one thing
I should really know about. About four years ago I came
home from school to find my favorite person ever, my
grandfather, dead on the floor. Then this year, my grandma
jean died of a stroke. Having people die in your family
does not seem like a blessing at first, but I find a way to
learn from them.
If you are wondering why I am talking about my
family members dieing it is just because they were like my
favorite people and now they are gone. Having my grandma
jean die just a few months ago I have not totally accepted
her death yet. And to make it that much better, her
birthday is coming up in a few weeks. Well, I have to go
now~ email me at [email protected] ( I love all of
the comments I have gotten so far, they have helped me a
lot)~the goody-goody