Faerie Onyx

Tis The Faerie
2002-04-10 17:38:18 (UTC)

This Day of Silence is going..

This Day of Silence is going well. Trissa keeps
whispering, but I guess it's okay. 'K' got a tan, and
she's gorgeous. Trissa and I are getting our prom
dresses tomorrow after school, and I want to get her
shoes and stuff like that. 'K' is simply amazing, but
that's okay. Alain stole Trissa and I yesterday. It was
simply hilarious, we both sort of just followed him, and
Michael (the pregnant male stoner) was talking to me,
and I still love him. I really do, but I am simply going to
admire him from afar. I'll make him admire me from
afar also. 'M' is also totally hot. Well, bye. Love ya, bye.