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2002-04-10 16:34:38 (UTC)


It's noon and I just got back from my political science
class and well I want to kill everyone in that class. one
of these days Im going to speak up and tell them my
opinions on these subjects. Like todays discussion
was about capital punishment. Personally Im in favor
of it.I think that the people that kill should be killed the
same way the got killed for instans timothy McVeigh
should be put in a building and blown up and see how
he likes it. or maybe we should put everyone that's on
death row in a big stadium and give them each a
weapon no guns though and have them all kill each
other and the last one standing wins, make it a game
for them. Those people obviously like to kill so why not
let them. Why should people sit on death row and use
my tax money to get an education and lift wieghts and
play basketball when they are gonna die anyways??
But hey that's just me and everyone is intitled to their
own opinioin just like my poli sci professor thinks that
capital punishment is not fair and we shouldn't have it
unless it's fair. he says that its classist and racist, but
umm Im sorry there are white people on death row. It
seems to me that black people are bitter then white
people are kill more because they feel that we owe
them something for their ancestors. I didn't live back
then and if I would have I would have been an
abolistnst and I know that because I think slavery was
totally wrong. Those white people had two legs and two
arms and they worked just fine so if they want to grow
cotton and what not then let them pick it their own damn
selves!!! UGH!!! Im so stressed and sitting in that class
doesnt make anything better because then we started
talking about welfare and Im not to fond of it but I have
to do research to make an opiinion on it becaue it
seems to me I see alot of people on welfare with nice
cars and cell phones if they can't afford food then they
certainly dont need a cell phone!! I mean yes I have a
cell phone and a nice car but yet I can pay my bills and
afford the gas....well sometimes and when I can't my
parents help out and I thank God for that...sure I
probably dont show it to them because they think Im
just a spoiled brat that gets everything I want but that
stems back to my grandma once again!! Geez
grandma way to get me in trouble!!! sooo huum what
else can I manage to vent about today?? Oh yeah this
morning before I went to class I took a stacker 3 pill
with out eating anything and to make it worse I
accidently mixed with it tylenol (however you spell it)
and now Im a mess. Im shaking horribly and I feel
really sick to my stomach. I could barely walk staright
becaue I felt like I was gonnnaa fall over but hey thats
the price you pay to lose wieght to become thin and
beautiful!!!! Ugh I hate society sometimes, people make
standards for everything these days. Hi Im a big girl and
well Im not really proud of it because my parents raised
me that way but damn if your big people just assume
you eat alot and ya know what I DONT!!!! I know plenty
of thin people that eat more then me and they make me
want to puke!!! Im listening to Lose my 3 doors down
and it's not helping my depressed situation right now!!!!
ugh well Im gonna stop typing Im gonna be more