little mind farts...
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2002-04-10 16:28:19 (UTC)

little pink panties.. :0)

in those moments when nothing seems right
can i run to you?
deep down there is emotion, but why are you so afraid to
show it?
i don't know how much longer i can ask myself this question
i can't ask you...what if i can't live with the answer
if i told you that my skin longed for you touch again, what
would you do?
if i granted you exasty this time around would you run to
me in love and affection?
maybe i am wasting my time?
do people really change?
is life a waste of time?
fuck, am i a waste of time to you?
as i realse these new hard feelings of uncertainity and
question, are you listening?
do you see that i am bleeding here?
if i ask you inside my heart what would be your response?
i have tried
i have cried
i have died
and i thought i was reborn.
now i am digging the grave again.
you are my exquiste pain and your complication has pulled
me in.
even though i want to let you go...i can't because
your life
your love
your being
your everything
has stolen me and captured me
my healthy heart begs for you to let me begs for me
i can't wait in the dark forever

"stolen passion"
-michelle :0)

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