A Trip Into My Life
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2001-05-24 02:10:55 (UTC)

So Long Since I've Been Here!

Well, I know it has been a while since I have logged on and
spilled my guts, but I have been really busy with my job at
Wal-Mart, and I have a few changes in the way I feel about
certain people. I bet you are wondering who, huh? (1) Dave
still hasn't let me know anything so I have pretty much
figured that we are just gonna stay friends. There are a
hundred and one reasons why it wouldn't work out anyway.
(2) Bradd is a pretty nice guy. He has stopped by to see me
at work a few times and I really do like him afterall. He
is just one of those people you have to get to know. I
would even like to go out with him. I am working on that
part though.

Elkin hasn't gotten any better. Hey, you can't expect
miracles, can you? No way! I am however learning to cope
with it better.

I am going back to Virginia for a few days to stay with my
best friend Amanda. She is turning 18. Lucky dog! I wish I
were her. *Haha*

My parents are still arguing, and their marriage probably
won't last much longer. They have just been through too

Things have changed a lot, but one thing hasn't.....I am a
very busy person, and I gotta go.

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