Deacon Frost

Deacon Frost
2002-04-10 13:56:29 (UTC)

Bend me, break me, any way you want me...all I want is you...

Well, more ranting about work. When I moved to Dallas a
year ago, I went to work for this small firm that was
really nice and exactly what I was looking for. But, like
everything I like in the world, someone took a big crap on
it. They merged with a bigger firm and became a smaller
studio within the whole. Now, I came along for the ride,
basically because I had nothing better to do. Why I make
these stupid decisions I'll never know. I thought I would
keep working for my previous boss (from the smaller firm)
on the projects he brought in. Wouldn't that make sense?
But no, they want me working on their projects, which I
guess is OK, it's just I didn't sign up for that. I mean,
if I had wanted to work for this bigger firm, I would have
interviewed with that bigger firm originally. So now, I'm
trying to do this shit for a guy in the main firm, while
still working on the projects in the smaller firm since
there is now one else to do them. And all the while my old
boss and my new one are arguing who gets me when.

Like I'm a peice of fucking office furniture. They don't
even hide it. They discuss it two feet from my cubicle.
Two fucking feet. The whole office can hear. I sure as
hell can.

Thank god I'm leaving early today for my now weekly
doctor's appointments. I swear, this place is killing me.