Mysterious Attitude
2001-05-24 01:31:04 (UTC)

Wensday May 23,2001


School was aight today I guess.... it was borin tho... and
I was tired as hell cuz I was up so late talkin to Jack...
But anyhow... I'm so happy cuz I have a field trip to
Chicago Friday yay!!! Well.. when I got home from school me
and my mom went to take Terry to work..after we dropped her
off...My mom took me shoppin.. and she got me this white
and black player jersey, this pair of blue jeans with wordz
on them, this pair of black jeans with sumkind of lion belt
thing on it, a baby blue shirt that says bling bling
hustl'n - N pimp'n - N play'n in style, a blue fat albert
shirt, a pair of black dress shoes, and a pair of baby blue
and white shoes. Hehe whatcha know.. I'm back to wearin my
gangbanger clothes... lol I like to be in style if u know
what I mean :)And ohh yeah we also when to White Castle...
and damn the worker at the window was a hottie!!!
hehe...after we ate we got an ice-cream.. and we came
home... and that's bout all for now... so I guess I'll go
bye bye 4 now