The Life And Times of Me
2002-04-10 07:17:55 (UTC)

What a wierd day!

Ok, Im gonna try and start writing in this thing more
often. Well lets see, where to start. I finally woke up
today around three in the afternoon. No biggie since i
didnt have to go to work. I hurried in and out of a shower
and got dressed. I race into Knoxville and payed my car
payment and got my tag for my new truck. Then i went to the
West town mall. i thought there was going to be some cool
stores but i was wrong so i got directions to the East town
mall. I got there in no time at all. I love this mall. I am
used to the malls back home in tampa and this mall put
tampa to shame. It had some of the coolest stores. My
favorites are "Crystal Visions" and "Spencers" and "The
Great Wall". There were lots of others to. It was at the
Crystal Visions store where my first pentagram called out
to me. It is so awesome. I was so excited. Then i went and
looked at some groovy dragon figurines and also some
fairies and dolphin ones too. I finally left there at about
nine-ish and rushed to see if Brenda was working. Luckily
enough she was so i stayed and closed with her. Then we
went to the huddle house and had dinner. We hadnt had much
time to talk since i started my new job. We caught up on
each other and the families. Then the wierdest thing of all
happened, i got home around 2:30 and my machine had two new
messages, who called me, i dont get too many calls. It was
Sally. I was shocked. She called me twice tonight and she
just wanted to talk. I kinda felt a little bad that i wasnt
there when she called, but then again she is the one who
needed her space. So she left me her new number and i
called her back. She was not really asleep yet, so she
says. We talked for a few minutes and then i let her get
off so she could get some rest. I think she may actually be
wanting to get back together because she kinda suggested a
date friday night, i think. Well see, i said i would talk
to her maybe tommorrow night after work but then she said
well how about friday and that she was off. I told her i
didnt know what i was working but that we could probably
maybe catch dinner or something and she said cool. I am
really confused about her, first she wants to be alone adn
have her space and now shes calling me out of the blue, i
dont get it. Maybe if we can work some things out we could
possibly start a relationship, who knows, i kinda hope
though that we can work some things out, because she really
is a nice girl. Anywho, enough about sally, i was hoping my
friend christine would be on but i guess she already went
to bed. She is going through some rough times right now and
i just wanted to see how things went today. I hope she gets
on tommorrow and then we can talk.
Well that has been my day, hope i didnt bore yall too much.
If you have anything to ask or any comments, please feel
free to email me with any comments or questions, i like
answering and reading mail. [email protected] I will
return any and all mail asap. Bye for now,
David signing off!!!!!!!!!! Blessings