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2002-04-10 06:42:53 (UTC)

Bow Chicka Bow Wow

NOTE: written during an extremely boring English 30 class
that I "have" to take earlier this evening.

Oh Lord this class is soooooo boring!!!! The instructor is
talking about subordinating clauses and subject verb
combinations (also known as simple sentences) he's
confusing these poor stupid people by making everything
sound more complicated then it really is! I'm not stupid, I
learned all of this crap when I was supposed to.... in 3rd
grade!!!!!! I'm sorry, it's just that this class is sooooo
easy, that I get bored to death in a heartbeat. Grrrrr....
Zack's probably playing games with his friends right now. I
wish I was playing games with my friends instead of being
cooped up here listening to this geek drone on about
something that bores even him!!!! Bow chicka bow wow!
Sorry, it slipped. You know, it's the music from my latest
porn flick... j/k. Wow, I must be bored! (by the way a lot
of this stuff is being changed in the typing process, I
didn't write "bow chicka bow wow" on the paper I was
ranting on, what I really wrote was "la la la la la la la la
la la la" it's the smurf song). I love the new music we're
singing for Chamber singers (we helped Mrs. A put up the
display case for our awards in the A building after school
today, it was fun, and we got into an H20 fight too). One
of the songs was originally written by Billie Joel and it's
really pretty. We're also singing a bunch of funky Jazz
songs. This should be an interesting quarter in Chamber.
Wow, I'm thinking about Saturday right now and just
realizing how incredibly busy I’m going to be. It starts
with musical theater at 10 and then there's a matinee of
Big River that we're going to and then I have to perform in
the gym dedication at school and then Jessi and I want to
go to LAX to see Alia's senior compete in a dance
competition. I'm really exited about it. Geez, I need to
wake up!!!!! I'm bored and sleepy, bad combination!
Errr.... This sucks!


Yay!!! I talked to Zack @ break :). That always makes me
smile!!! Brittany & Eric say I have pornst*r eyes (Bow
chicka bow wow). Hee hee ;). They got the pics back from
Six Flags (I originally drew out 6 flags, but I can really
do that here, that's why I wish this was an HTML site like
LiveJournal, but then I wouldn't know what to do cuz I'm
not that technologically advanced). Zack's gonna e-mail
them to me once he scans them. Yay!!! I got coffee so now
I'm more awake (hee hee, that's a funny looking word :P).
zoooOOOOOOOM!!!! Hee hee, that's my brain on caffeine! (that
looked cooler on paper too, but hey, what can I do?) :P. I
put chocolate in my coffee.... NUMMY! Okay I feel really
retarded right now. I feel like I'm talking to myself.
Weird. So yea, Chris and Susie....Yay!!! Well, not really,
they're just talking. But at least she's giving him a
chance. I just want to see my little buddy happy. I'm very
happy right now, and it's not just the coffee! Alia was
worried about me, she was afraid that I was going to jump
into another bad relationship too fast. But today I was
walking with her and I called him and she was giving me
the "gimmee" sign, so I handed her the phone. Now, after
talking to him for a little while, she's not so worried
about me. She says she's pretty sure that Zack's a good
guy, but she still wants to meet him (that's why she wants
him to go to the competition on Saturday) and she still
wants me to be careful and guard my heart. She's such a
sweetie! But she has no need to worry, Zack's an awesome
guy, who wouldn't ever even think about doing what Cory
did to me. He's an incredible person and I'm really lucky
to have him in my life.

Yea, that was what I did instead of taking notes during
class. After class I came home and consumed a bunch of
sugar and called Cristal. She's a funny little bird. I have
to take her "pitsy dust" (pixy stix) tomorrow so she can be
hyper with me.

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