2001-05-24 00:57:22 (UTC)

so i am now a highschool..

so i am now a highschool graduate =)
we're having a family sort of party, but my sister is here
and she is obsessed with star trek and tonight is the final
episode in the series. sooo, we're all watching it. but im
not really getting into it so here i am writing in my diary
waiting for this to be over so that we can eat desert and
open presents. my sister is really cool. but a lot of times
we are so different that it is a problem. she can be very
bossy. and being ten years old than i a lot of times she
acts as a parent instead of a sibling. sigh. im way bored.
but anyway...
so i havent been hanging out with brittany much recently. i
have been haning out with my ex, jennifer though. and thats
been a little odd but cool. shes my first love, my first
everything and i know that i will always be in love with
her. no matter who i am with. its weird...
shes really into drugs though. and its hard sometimes to
just hang out with her. because now we are so very
different. i was supposed to go to a party after graduation
and get really fucked up but i decided not to. which i
think was a good idea. i did end up drinking, but i
resposible about it and with people that i love and trust.
so, it was a lot better than it would have been im sure. =)
i was a very happy girl. =)
its strange being out of school like i am now. i dont have
a job yet, but i am looking for one. i have an interview on
tuesday. and im excited. because i would really like to
work there, i think. =)
ive realized recently that i have gotten rid of all the
people that werent good for me.
i think it is a good switch.
most of the time people end up using me and i end up being
but recently i have been doing a lot more for me and not
just for other people and i havent been doing anything that
i dont really want to do.
graduations are really boring though. im supposed to go to
another one on saturday...sigh. that will be my fourth one.
yawn. this is really really boring. i dont get star trek.
at all.
there is no one fun to talk to online right now...its