down in my eyes
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2002-04-10 05:28:54 (UTC)

The election..

My dad just called me- on my mom's cell phone
(since i'm online).. I'm NEVER into politics, but...

Oh noooooooooo!! Miles Nan is gonna make it.. he has
2nd place right now. Crap. If he makes it, i'm
sorry..but he's gonna bring DOWN the city council.

I'm so pissed. It's not fair.. He's not even halfway
decent or qualified. He really doesnt belong.. 'n..
his daughter's a major egotistic bitch.
He's only ahead of the game, 'cos he's CHINESE. 'N the
Chinese have the majority, in Walnut.

A campaign worker of his, kept calling me this week, 'n
she called me again, taday, pressuring me to vote.
telling me to vote for him. We ALL just kno that Miles
DOESNT belong on the council tho. Even his workers
dont have enuff good stuff to say about him..:

me: Hello?
lady: Hi, can i talk to janice?
me: This is....
lady: Hi, i'm !#&*, working for Miles Nan's
campaign. Do you speak chinese?
me: No.
lady: You're chinese,.. but you dont speak chinese?
me: Yea...
lady: Well,.. i'm calling because we need as much
support as we can get, for Miles. He's a hard
worker, 'n he's the only chinese candidate
running, this election.
Election night is tonite, and we need your
support for Miles. So go to the library..
The cut off time to vote is 8pm.
So make sure you vote for Miles Nan. Ok?
me: Uh... ok.. (But thinken..HELL no, tho.)
lady: Ok, thank you. Remember to vote for Miles Nan.

Damn. What the hell IS that?! It went something like
that... But..THATS exactly how & why he's ahead, in the
election. His campaign workers just called up Walnut's
many.. gullible chinese Dorks. Those who only voted for
him- 'cos of he's asian. BUT HE DOESNT BELONG.

Damn. Noothing is fair