Visions Of Life
2002-04-10 04:34:17 (UTC)

Why Do I Think Such Things?


Why do demons fill my dreams
Images of destruction
Pain to all those i love
Why do I wish such torture
Upon the people
Who matter most to me
Why do I think the worst
Assume Im no longer loved
Why am I so sensitive
Morbid, delusional
Why do I want to die
Why cant I see light
An exit into happiness
What has happened in the past two weeks
I know the answer
But it doesnt give
Me a reason to hurt them
But sadly
I care and dont care
I hurt so much
And nothing I do
Will ease this
Darkness within my soul
Pain, pleasure
Neither mean that much anymore
So empty
The only things I feel
Anger and despair
I cant even pretend to be happy
All hope is lost
Despair overcomes my love
Im so sorry
For being so fucked in the head
Im sorry for being selfish
And Im sorry i couldn't say goodbye