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2001-05-24 00:09:12 (UTC)


It has been a while since I have been laid off - I am so
depressed that k is not helping me out. he says he will
take care of me and then turns around and makes me beg
anyone and everyone for a job - I have lived all my life
with my pride and dignity intact - no more.

I feel sick when I see him look so depressed, when I know
that if we are careful, we can manage without any problems
whatsoever. I want to go back home - I will be so happy
back there...I am atleast not going to be a burden on my
parents - I cant understand how a person who is so
supportive when his brother sits at home for 2 and half
years without any job can do this to me after just two
months of joblessness. I try so hard to be cheerful and get
out of my depression - he pushes me right back into an
emotional abyss...I am so sick of this!