lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-04-10 04:15:13 (UTC)

bad child alert!!!

ahh!! so tonight i was driving home from youth group, and
my mom yelled at me over some ridiculous thing...i went
into the driveway at 4 mph (I SWEAR) and she started
flipping out about me throwing off the alignment of the
car. ugh whatever. ok mom.

but then we got inside and she said, "i'm sorry, i guess
i'm mostly just steamed about the whole thing with mr.
finley last night."

so here's the story. mr. finley is the dad of one of the
kids on brian's team. they were all down at our community
pool last night, and i drove up to our house & back twice
to get stuff. if you know the streets there, it's a
teeeeny distance. but my dad let me do it alone two times,
and i did a good job and stuff so it was chill. or so i

mr. finley (who, conveniently, is a COP) said to my
mom, "oh she got her license?" my mom said no. my dad
said, "i don't usually let her do this...but she's
responsible." mr. finley said...

"well i'm off-duty, so i won't get out my badge. but i
wouldn't do that. i really wouldn't..."

AAAACK. my mom said he was all serious & kinda grumpy.
now everyone thinks i am a baaaad child. well i am. but
oh well. and i didn't even hear about it till tonight.
now i'm scareded!!!

other than that, today was cool. i went & filled out my
job application @ CFS...we'll see how THAT goes.