once again
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2002-04-10 04:00:44 (UTC)

one more day

Today is Tuesday, one hour left until tomorrow and then
it's one more day. Then we leave for Florida. Today,
Shawn was at work. He said he wasn't even inside the house
yet, but Ted was. The owner claimed he was missing money
and Shawn called Chris and then called the police. He
swears up and down they were there 5 minutes and hadn't
even entered the house yet. What do I believe? They have
no proof and he wrote a report. He claims he didn't do it
and was searched and they found nothing. I'm torn between
what to do. I've already been transfered from my work here
to Florida...tomorrows my last day. I love him so much but
I feel like things are falling apart. We have to stay with
his dad....I love his dad to death but the house is
so...ghetto. They really haven't kept up on the house-
keeping. I'm worried about starting a new Chili's. I
finally started to make friends here after a year and now I
have to start all over. No one wants me to go, but why
couldn't they be my friend 2 months ago. Honestly,,,I do
miss Florida and my few friends there. I'm lying to myself
when I say I know what I'm doing. I don't and I'm so lost
and I want someone to listen to me and let my cry without
trying to tell me why this or that might fail. I don't
know what is going on with me and I want to be left by
myself to do soul searching. But everyone pushes me for
this reason or that reason. I just hope things are oksy
this time. No more more problems.

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