Visions Of Life
2002-04-10 03:44:48 (UTC)

Why Cant I Die?


What has my life come to? Spending every night alone,
crying. Trying to find a job and being unsuccessful. Doing
stuff alone and feeling lonely. Doing stuff with others and
feeling lonely. I hate my life. I was so happy and
everything is ruined. And on top of everything, I am being
a selfish bitch but part of me feels like I have a right to
be. Everything seems hopeless. Im miserable, depressed,
lonely, and mother fuckin sick of living with the man I
love and seeing him maybe five minutes a fuckin day. I feel
so cheap, worthless and unimportant. I am very bitter and
hopefully my anger will give me the boost I need to die. I
am so sick of hurting. I am so sick of having my heart
broken everyday and i am fucking sick of feeling like I
dont matter to the one person i cherish above all. I am
sick of living. I am sick of being a fuckup. I am sick of
being me.