Melissa's Daily Thoughts
2002-04-10 03:18:56 (UTC)


i have so much to do this week and its very frustrating.
i have an exam tomorrow and an exam thursday. both on
in depth on 5 chapters of macroeconomics,
just great. Its 11:14 on tuesday and i havent even started
studying for either yet. i will probably pass poly sci,
but i doubt i'll do well on the macro.

this is sucha stressful week. by the end of it i think
i'll have to either have a drink or kill myself. not quite
sure just yet. i'll get back to you on that. i'm tired. i
need to get a shower. and i still have acctg homework to
do. so why am i wasting time writing in this? to complain,
thats why.

right now my roommate is under the impression that is
she's in the room the TV MUST be on. i dont think shes
ever been in here without it on. shes doing homework right
now with it on. i dont know how she does it, cause i cant
concentrate when its on. oh well i guess i lose.