ThOuGhTs Of A LoTuS ChiLd
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2002-04-10 02:35:34 (UTC)

I want you to touch the mirror ,saying TWIZTID inside yo mind,17 timez..

hello all..well here it is..another Tuesday afternoon..lol
night to be precise.well lets recap on the weekend i
had...well i had an offer of thingz to do friday..Mickey
and Brinkman had an extra seat ion the car and wanted me to
go to Laga,sarah wanted me to go out with her,kim wanted me
at bobs,derek wanted to chill,and happeny and my boyz
wanted me to go to Va Beach wit em.so i decided id chill
wit Sarah...well sarah wanted to go to spherics and slash
steves tires,i knew now wasnt the time cuz everyone would
know it was us.so we said fuck it and drove to town.i had
to stop at Wally World to fill my precription and we had
time to kill so we headed to the mall..i saw sum of my
ninjas there and they said the new Twiztid cd was out so i
picked it up.Mirror Mirror is the absolute fucking bomb,it
reminds me of Mostasteless hardcore and the lyrics..well
fuck the lyrics hit me like nothing else...i think im in
love.lol.so we ran into sum ppl we knew and as i was
talking to jon and aaron i saw Harley and Jermay walk
by..they waved and i told them to come over..i was pretty
bitchy to them and they were pretty timid..i knew Jeramy
felt bad for not talking to me after me and steve broke
up..i could see it in his eyes...i really noticed how
attractive that boy is friday.apparently steve asked jeramy
to call me for him and talk thingz out.i said no i dont
want anything to do with steve besides when he gets his ass
kicked.harley tried to tell me that steve felt really
bad ..yeah right he didnt call or show up for 2 weeks.steve
can fuck off.so we went to wal*mart to get my pills and we
saw ashley hamm ,she almost ran us over with her car.so we
drove around sum and sarah tried calling mike.he was at
bobs.so we drive there and sure enough Minnick's trooper is
in the lot.i walk in the jopint and i hear sumone yell my
name.i look over at the phone and theres GARY! (my boy gary
is one of Flanagans closest friends,hes richards big bro
from savage.a crazy fucking guy whose super cute.we've hung
out and rollded alot.) well he motions me over and gives me
a big hug.i ask him what the fuck he was doin at bobs and
he was gettin ppl organized for a party at his younger bro
Brents.we talked about thingz.like me and steve,hows hes
been,how ive been,sum of my problems.and we flirted and
joked around all night.well i wanted to go party but my
grandma wouldnt let me stay out.so i got upset and said bye
to everyone.i hugged gary and told him to keep in touch and
he said he would.he was gonna ask me sumtin but said
nevermind.well on the ride up to sarahs in frostburg i
started to cry.i tried to cover it with my hoodie but sarah
saw.she asked what was wrong and i replied nothing as i was
trying to wipe the tears away.but when we got to sheetz i
broke down and told her everything that had been troubling
me.she hugged me and calmed me down.then she said i needed
sumone crazy and kewl that would care about me..like
gary..lol so i caved and wrote him a note giving him my
number.i had her give it to gary at the party. then i went
home.well satruday i was chillin and the phone rang.it was
gary! he asked why i didnt come to the party and that he
really wished i woulda been there.he asked what i was doin
and said hed call me later and wed hang out.well
sarah,mike,and minnick came over.we hung out and got
high.then we went to the mall and bobs.well Reaths lil bro
Forest was there and he hung with us.then we took him to
get high..he was toe up main!well there were all goin to
Will's to party so i went home.then sunday i laid
around ,watched BLOW and Dont Be A Menace... mom and scott
came home from the bahamas.i got alot of kewl shit.like
incense burners,a mirror,and jewerly.gary called again on
sunday but my sis was on the other line.well monday i was
talking to happeny and he wanted me to go chill.so him and
bubba picked me up and i hung out at there place all
evening.me and happeny walked all over south end and then
at the apartment.they tied me up and poured icecubes on
me.well i got home at 11 and my mom said gary left me a
message .it went sumthin like "yo wassup ash this is gary
sorry bout yesterday my phone shut off,i just wanted to
call to see whats up but i guess imma have to try later.wel
i'll see ya later aight girl? peace"-he called me ash and
girl.and he sounded like he was trying to be smooth.i would
be so happy if we started talking.hes so fucking
adorable.well today was the usual skool day,im almost
finished my clay tile glazing,we're doin hemp necklaces and
beads next..art class is so phat this year!well i got home
today and chilled.happeny wanted me to come over but i had
no ride.i waited for gary to call but my sis was on the net
all night.then adam,jesse,and jow came over and we smoked
sum KB upstairs.im still baked..i wish i could get ahold of
gary...i cant stop thinking bout him.well i finished my
batman book..it was wonderful.i let happeny borrow it.im
readin a book on Karl Marx right now...its pretty
heavy.tommorrow im hoping to go chill wit gary, or at lest
talk to him...maybe go to happenys.happeny is gettin ahuge
crush on me again,even tho he has a gf.i dont want him to
get hurt but he knows that i want a really close friendship
not a bf.well imma bounce and go get a shower...maybe
p eace and afro grease