Chapter One: The Evil Within
2002-04-10 01:10:28 (UTC)

I am not even in the blue prints of my life....

Yes, yes, in the masterful blueprints of my life, i am
still not in them... how queer is that?

So, at this very moment, mutiple things have happened
that have made me believe that I dont want to go to Senior
Ball. Thank you life for giving me excusses. So her is what
happened... Joshy-po the other day, asked me to go to prom
with him and the skany hoe... thats Chrissy if you guys
didnt know. I highly doubted that I would go, because i
loath Chrissy with a fervent passion, but I thought of it,
because Josh is a good friend of mine. I talked it over
with Matt, my date thus far, and he said that he wouldnt
mind seeing Josh again. And I thought about it.... I really
did, and figured that it would be all four of us, and
suddenly Chrissy would exhale, or inhale for that matter,
and i would dive across the table, and chock the air out of
her, just for good measures for breathing MY air, yet
something else she would be stealing from me. Any ways,
besides that reason, my best female friend, Emmy, and I
have been planning for senior ball, since 9th grade, and we
were supposed to go together, emmy, adam, matt, and i. Well
I was talking to her about it, and she said that her and
josh were doubling, wow, it was nice to know that she
planned that and left me out of it, wasnt it... well thats
how it made me feel. And when I went off about it she said
something about she just assumed... well i'll give you a
hint, you ditch me, to go to some girl who about 3 weeks
ago told you you have no friends, and then ASSUME shit...
assuming makes an ass out of u and me, thanks for making me
look like an ass, that felt good to. Supposedly she is
going to be with josh cause she hasnt seen him in a while,
well neither am I, but I was kind enough to at least say
something to her about it before even giving Josh my
decision. Well... yeah, thanks for helping me realize even
more that Ball is highly over rated and not my thing... I
mean, last year was shit, and me in a dress is shit, so it
was going to be inevitable that this year was going to be
shit anyways, glad i got it over with now instead of at the
ball. Thanks for helping me see that it wasnt ment to be,
and thanks for showing me how much you care... and yes i
know i seem bitch but to at least understand half of it,
why dont you put yourself in my shoes? There is still a
chance I will go, but I dont see it going well, and the
chance is rare that a snow balls in hell. Its so late...
and now i wont torture anyone with my precence, and save
Matt for feeling obligated to be near me. Yeah, love you
all!!!! blahh!

Forgotten Vicki