a little piece of me
2002-04-10 00:50:12 (UTC)


today i did something that i thought would have been a lot
harder. i got rid of everything-emails, pics, stuff given
to me-that had anything to do with brett. it was so easy!
i figured i would have had a little more trouble, but i
guess i figured wrong hehe. he's out of my life for good

i think i must be sick or something...i've been sleeping a
lot lately. i went to sleep for 2 hours after i got back
from the field trip this morning, and then for another 3
hours after i finished writing in here earlier. i've
noticed that i've been this way since upping the meds, but
i figured that would have worn off by now. i really hope
that's the case, and not me being sick with something. i
just got over a damn cold, and i'd hate to be getting
another one.

well, i need to take a shower and get a few things done so
i can talk to my turtle tonight. he's so great. i really
can tell him anything without the fear of scaring him off.
i'm not sure that's good or bad lol. i told him about the
tri beta thing and he said he was really proud of me. how
cute is that? i'm really looking forward to spending the
weekend with him. we're going to have so much fun. not
sure what all we're doing just yet, but i know it will be
great. i get to meet his doggy and iguana. of course, i
get to spend the whole time with him, which is going to be

ok, ok...i really need to get going now. shower is calling
my name...