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2002-04-10 00:44:31 (UTC)

friday night with bundy.....

this is the rest of my last entry.ok well i stopped at
friday night.at first i was like"someone actually wants to
be around me,i think" welli was getting ready and i thought
i looked really good considering i dont look pretty or nice
or anything xcept ugly.then we went to go pic up d.j., well
he turned out to be cute, the only thing was is that he
liked my sister.we met d.j.s friend who wasnt that great
but it was good cause we dropped him off later.then i met
the guy i was supposivily hanging out with. he was cute,but
he LIKED my sister a whole lot.starting to see a pattern?
then we went to sante fe(that place makes me sick) and then
we went to go get the tent to go camping and have fun.we
got there and stared a fire. bundy(the guy i liked) dropped
the can into the fire. but he got it out in time.damn it,i
wish my family would stop fighting! well anyways they
forgot the tent poles so we went to bundys house.his mom
was there and she is so awesome.but the next day we all
went home and and were so tired.but that was it.now i am
sad because i spent the whole night by myself because
everyone was paying attention to the ptretty girls with
nice bodys. i have a brain! i am nice! talk to me! im not
invisible!and to d.j.- if you read this ,dont touch my
sister! she likes someone else,so stop trying to win her
heart,or her body shall i say.im wrote a really good peom
the other day.i dont have it with me but someday i will put
both peoms in here.i cant type.im going to go and watch the
osbournes.chow. bbye.

^.~ jennifer.

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