Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-04-09 23:23:42 (UTC)

Will I Get What I Want From This World....I'm A Daydreamer.

Seeing as I've plenty of time on my hands, and enough
coffee in my body to keep me awake throughout, I want to
make...I suppose its a checklist of things I want to do
before I die. In advance, I expect some to be superficial,
some not to be, some to be realistic, some to be pipe
dreams, some to be nice, some to be selfish, some to be
general, some to be specific, others...well, you'll see. So
in no particular order.

- I want children. More than one, less than is too many.
- I want to marry once. Only once. More than that and I'll
have been unhappy for quite a period, so I don't want that.
- I want to see Huddersfield Town in the First Division.
- I want to see Bob Dylan in concert.
- I want to own a nice house and furniture within it.
- I want that furniture to include a gramophone, and a
coffee making machine.
- I want to be successful at whichever career I choose.
- I want to be wealthy enough to buy what I want, but not
so wealthy as to be able to buy things I don't want.
- I want to avoid violence against me and those close to me
as well as possible.
- I want only one hospitalizing illness throughout my life
- I want to record a 7" single of me singing 'Gentle On My
Mind', preferably to the woman I love.
- I want to earn respect, though not jealousy, from my
- I want to be comfortable enough throughout my entire life
that I can be happy rather than just convincing myself that
I am.
- I want to keep in contact with the friends I have now,
and gain more along the way.
- I want to reduce my violent hangovers from rare to never.
- I want to be able to speak fluent French, and revisit our
old french village.
- I want other people to be happy to see me happy, like I
am with them. (See later)
- I want to be able to live in Norfolk for the rest of my
life, should I choose.

I think that's it. Other things I'd just like to happen.

WILT? The Wannadies - You And Me Song.