Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-04-09 23:07:48 (UTC)

Cripes! That Was Close.

Can't believe how close Town were to ruining my (not
spectacular, but passable) day. 10 minutes left and 2-0
down. Apparently they should have won it first half....but
there you go.

I finally got my teeth into my work today, meaning the rest
of the week will go a lot more smoothly, and I might
ACTUALLY get my essay finished in time. Well, I said only
yesterday that I would.

I grow a little worried that the only people I communicate
with are on (the R.E.M. fansite), and the TN
site as I mentioned yesterday. I've downloaded a lot today,
finally catching up with my AG list, which leaves me open
to stupid downloads in the near future. Which is nice.

But some bad things came out of it. I was reflecting on the
last few months earlier, as I have not a lot else to do
when the sun has put its weary head to sleep, and I
realised just what was happening to me.

My own company is becoming very much more fun than it used
to be. I used to hate other people but not like being
alone, but now I love both being alone AND with other

I've been single for too long now. A testament to this is
that I was waltzing a glass of red wine around the room to
Van Morrison's moondance a little while ago. Luckily my
door was locked, as I had been naked (from a bath) a little
earlier. Anything exciting happen in today's bath?

I continued my arachnid-games, continued to read 'Papillon'
which is very much recommended.

Oh, and lutrine, Didier, is the word you wanted the other
day. I've had more memories to contest with all day - good
and bad - but they don't matter to anyone else, they just
help colour the rainbow that is me.

WILT? Boyzone - Coming Home Now.