JeSs-WeSi you simply ROCK
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2001-05-23 21:20:51 (UTC)


so today i came home around 2 dropped my stuff off and
called the cell phone and left a voice-mail saying i didnt
want to be home alone and i was going over to seans... i
got there and we slept til 4. my mom calls and tells me to
GET HOME NOW! so i got home and she bitches and i told her
i thought she had the cell phone like she had told me this
morning, she got pissed b/c dad had it and i left a voice-
mail and i didnt leave a note at home. then she said the
thing that hurt the most... "You are Sean are getting too
close, and that scares me." *crying as i type just so you
why doesnt she want me close to anyone. Sean is my best
friend... does she think i'm fucking him or something?!?
Sean is the only one that keeps me happy around here. and
we're too close! that really hurt REALLY bad. i guess she
thinks i'm some kind of whore who sleeps around!! well
guess what?! I'M NOT!! Is that SOOOOOO hard to believe??

then she continues to bitch at me for exams... which i got
a 91 in my bio class the one i was really worried about and
she didnt even say good job. that hurt too, i studied hard
to get that grade and not even congradulated on it by my
own mother! she gets on to me about my world geography and
math exam... i know i'll pass WG b/c i already have a 40%
on it and the rest is going to be EASY! the math is a
different story... Sean was supposed to help me study but
since we're "too close" i dont know if we will.

that really hurts me. baddly! i've tried hard to keep her
happy esp. lately and she comes back with that. i know what
you guys are going to say... at least she cares about me.
she wouldnt have said it if Sean was a girl. gosh, that
really hurt me.

Love Always