a little piece of me
2002-04-09 21:08:28 (UTC)

ah ha! (no, not the band)

i cranked out 13 tiles in 2 1/2 hours today. very pleased
with myself. by the end of class, i could make a whole
tile, start to finish, in under 10 minutes. not too
shabby. i also filed down my older ones so they fit
together nice and tight. i think i'm going to make a table
out of my tiles. i'll give it to my mom for mother's day.
she can use it in the sun room for her plants, or even put
it out in the flower garden. it's totally up to her.
anyway, there's this really annoying guy in my class. he
broke his mold in half by using a mallet and hammering it
to get his tile out. sunkoo told him last week not to hit
it so hard, but the damn guy never listens. he had to use
wood glue and electric tape to hold the silly thing
together. i wanted to laugh but i was afraid karma would
kick my ass and i'd break my mold, too. so, i ended up
with 24 tiles, which was my goal. if all 24 turn out, i'll
use them all. if not, i hope at least 20 turn out so that
i can make a table out of that.

well, i discovered something absolutely orgasmic
today...honey bunches of oats cereal. i bought it at wally
world cause it was really cheap and i'm really poor. that
fucking stuff is awesome! i'm only going to eat that from
now on lol. it's sooooooooo good. yum. sorry, had to
throw that in.

next week is going to be a little crazy. monday i have
induction into tri beta, and tuesday is the gallery opening
that i have to go to. wednesday is my movie (foreign
film...can't remember the name right now), and thursday i'm
going to see turtle. i won't get back until monday
afternoon. between now and then, i have to read pride and
prejudice and the color purple. fun fun! eh, that's
alright. then only a couple more weeks until graduation!
getting down to the wire here.

well, i'm going to go lay down for a bit. need a little
nap. field trip this morning was wicked, but it was too
damn early and too damn cold. now i'm wiped out. take
care everyone.