El Diablo
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2002-04-09 20:44:26 (UTC)


I have met a lot of confused people on this earth. Some of
them were normal guys just trying to fit in ....some were
(ab)normal guys trying to make them selves noticed.......
but most of the guys I have seen are people who are just
frustrated by the guys around them.
Confusion is a really bad thing. Why do people get
confused? It prevents you from taking the right decisions
in life.....it leaves you with that doubt as to weather
your decision was right..... it makes you stumble later
when you find out that you have made a mistake and
ultimately you regret your first decision.
Here is a small poem I had written yesterday for


You came into my life,
Like a breath of fresh air
You showed me how to live and dream,
How to feel and how to dare…..

Your beauty had me mesmerized,
Just like your eyes had me hypnotized,
Your voice had that special thing,
That would make my heart just sing sing sing….

With you in my heart,
The world I could dare
With you in my heart,
In death’s eyes I could stare

You had to leave me,
You say it was for the best
You made me leave thee,
And history was the rest....

When I was saying goodbye
In your eyes, I looked for a tear....
Something to tell me
That to you I was a dear....

But to my deepest regret,
That was not so,
Harder then a comet
Was the impact of that blow

The world is a small place
And so they all say,
I’ll keep my eyes open
Hoping to meet you again some day

You have your whole life ahead of you,
Please be strong and be bold,
To fight for what you believe in
And not always follow what you’ve been told

I’ve written this little thing for you
So you’ll remember me eternally,
If not me, then atleast the thing called love
That has the power to set you free

I did every thing in my power,
Noone can say I dident try
But I guess I dident deserve you
And I guess this is goodbye..................

-Prashant P. Shevade

Its rather long but carries a special meaning. A meaning
that very few understand.
This time it was really bad...it hurt like a thousand
knifes ripping through the heart all at once. When she
looked at me and returned the love (chewed up like an old
gum too stale to be chewed any longer) it was ok .....when
she looked at me and returned my friendship (crumpled like
a piece of old news paper and considered nothing more then
trash) it was bearable ....... but today when she looked at
me and threw back my final goodbye that was given with all
the goodness of my heart, I feel like driving straight into
a wall and forgetting every thing.....but I had my friends
with me in the car (thank god)

I don’t have the energy to write any more, so I’ll just hit
the sack.

Goodbye dear diary (now you atleast don’t throw my goodbye