In the Eyes of a Dreamer
2002-04-09 20:39:03 (UTC)


Hey haven't written in a loooong time! Need to make some
updateroos. the play is next week, i'm pretty good to go,
ill kick willy wonkas chocolate factory ass. still need to
get an outfit to wear. military ball needs to hurry itself
up, as does olympics! and here come the prom
i got a dress,(black and cute!) and everything is good
to go. then melissa told me jordan was supposed to go to
boston with her and his brother mike after prom. whoa hold
up, he's supposed to be going to after prom with me! (we're
planning on going to ceder point and getting a hotel room,
a bunch of us i mean). So i asked him about this and he
said he didn't think they were leaving for boston until
later, so he could still go to after prom but probably not
spend the weekend up there. so fine fine, whatever, well
just go to six flags or something. Then melissa and me have
a bitch-fest about it and she reveals to me that jordan
wasn't supposed to go to boston with them anyway, it was
just supposed to be her and mike. so she talks to mike and
he tells her that theyl wait and go to boston so jordan can
go to after-prom. well this pisses melissa off and she
tells mike she's not going at all, and the problem is still
not solved. i really want jordan to go to after prom with
all of us cuz it'd be so fun, and besides this happened to
me last year, even though aaron was a boring prom date
anyway. but if worse comes to worse and he can't go, then
sarah said jeremiah will go. argh but i am so pissed, i
really want jordan to go. it makes me wanna scream in
frustration. ARGGHHHHHHHHHHHH! okay, im better..not
other than that, i dunno. i can't wait till military
ball! jordan wants me to keep my hair pink for prom so he
can get something pink to go under his tux (we're both so
dramatic and need attention on us all the time, lol). i
dunno if i will or not. anyway! gonna go, since i gots
nothin else to say!

Peace and Frustrations,

*listening to Green Bird (from cowboy bebop! it's so
*wearing volcom hoodie
*downloading some songs