Fazzy's Memoires....
2002-04-09 19:52:26 (UTC)


Lately my life changed a bit...

Since my monitor blew up and i cant afford another one at
the present time. I'm spending less time talking with
people i cared about deeply. And, it seems like some people
started to ignore me on Icq when i log on. *Sigh* I dont
know why... But... it's happening..

I've wrote email to a few friends on my icq list that i
cared about deeply, but... never got any replies.... What
is wrong... That i'm most likely wont know...

I have decided to go back to school in Fall... will take
PAramedics if i get accepeted to the local College... It
should be a very interesting course and if everyone goes
well.. a VERY interesting career... Wish me luck...