This is me...trying to find myself.
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2001-05-23 19:41:41 (UTC)

Guys are assholes...And some girls can be....

SurgeBall: how was your day
SurgeBall: just gay like yesterday
LiL PrInCeSsS87: sure...
SurgeBall: i thouht soo you big ugly hoe
LiL PrInCeSsS87: so now im a hoe and a bitch?
SurgeBall: yep
LiL PrInCeSsS87: ok...
SurgeBall: hoe land theirs a hoe on the land(thats you)
LiL PrInCeSsS87: oh...ok
SurgeBall: bye loser
SurgeBall: loser
SurgeBall: loser
SurgeBall: loser
LiL PrInCeSsS87: i heard you the first time
LiL PrInCeSsS87: is that what you always do??
SurgeBall: oh i am mso sorry i kinda heared thats bitches
and hoes are kinda deaf
LiL PrInCeSsS87: make fun of the people that have dumped you
LiL PrInCeSsS87: so you dont feel so stupid
SurgeBall: no i am just telling the truth
SurgeBall: like always bitch
LiL PrInCeSsS87: yeah thats nick!!
LiL PrInCeSsS87: he never lies
LiL PrInCeSsS87: not nick
LiL PrInCeSsS87: nick always tells you the truth

Thats our conversation so far.... He signed off but I'm
sure that he's goign to get back on. Lol.
(Me and Nick) He's being a real prick.

Well then...about me being "kicked out" or whatever...
There are these three girls...Michele Emilia and
Emily...That like everyone wants to be friends with. And
like I thought that they were my friends, and that they
liked me and everything but they almost always were tlaking
baout soemthing and i couldnt know about it.
Andi always thought it was about me. But like i called
Emilia and Michele bitches behind their backs...and so did
Emily... And they're mad at me b/c they say im a bitch and
that i lie cheat and steal... ok im sure that they've lied
and cheated...and emily and emilia have stolen stuff...
I'm not mad at emilia at all b/c even if she doesn't
like me right now...shes not acting like a bitch to
me...and i agree with Devon that even if you don'tlike
someone, you don't have to always be a bitch to them.
But they're saying I'm mean, when they're telling me
that I have no friends, noone likes me, I smell like shit,
(it's herbal essances dip shit, lol), and that i have a fat
face. I could start to talk about them again, behind their
backs, but for one really gives a flying fuck
about what I' would say about them and two...if I do, I
know that I'm goign to regret it.
And i have said sorry soooo many times, but they keep
asking me to apoligize (They as in Michele and Emily) but
Michele told me that she doesn't believe me and that she
won't ever forgive me. SO WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY
ASKING !?!?!?! They're making me just a liiiiitle mad. Lol.
But I can honestly say that i don't hate them. B/c
well I don't.

Well enough about them....

LiL PrInCeSsS87: Hello, Danny.
AirDan388: wanna ceber?
AirDan388: o yea, hi
LiL PrInCeSsS87: ceber?
LiL PrInCeSsS87: is that new?
AirDan388: cyber
LiL PrInCeSsS87: No thank you.
AirDan388: so...u start
AirDan388: LoL j/k
LiL PrInCeSsS87: I figured...
LiL PrInCeSsS87: hoped
LiL PrInCeSsS87: prayed..that you were
AirDan388: liar
AirDan388: u hoped
AirDan388: i wasn't
LiL PrInCeSsS87: nuh uh....
LiL PrInCeSsS87: Are you like not talking to me anymore?
AirDan388: i'm jacking off
LiL PrInCeSsS87: Oh...
LiL PrInCeSsS87: Sorry for interrupting.
AirDan388: it's oka
LiL PrInCeSsS87:
AirDan388: i hope u know i'm joking
LiL PrInCeSsS87: Oops...
LiL PrInCeSsS87: So is that a problem that i just sent our
conversation to a bunch of people
LiL PrInCeSsS87: ?
AirDan388: LoL yea
LiL PrInCeSsS87: Damn. You should have warned me.
LiL PrInCeSsS87: Look what you've done now, Danny.
AirDan388: i don't jack off
LiL PrInCeSsS87: It's ok...I won't tell anyone.

Lol... Airdan388...That's danny. The biggest pervert
in the 7th grade.(He's not fat...he's festivly plump) But
he's like really really funny. He's got tons of bitches
too. Devon, Ashley N., and me are his 2 hour
Emilia is his end of driveway bitch who's on call 24/7. But
she's just for decoration. And ashley k. is the one that
always has time in the bamboo cage...where he pokes her
with a hard
In my year book..he worte something like "You hafta
sit in a bamboo cage while i poke you with a hard
stick...Don't have too many kids over the summer, if you
decide to, call me."
It was soooo funny
Well I'm done writting for now...

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