lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-04-09 18:27:49 (UTC)

time for meghan's song

i think some people really need to hear the "i'm gonna
conform to Jeeeeeeesus" song. ahh. myself included, i
know, but i have been reading random diary entries on here
& reading news articles. not friendly things happening in
the world. one girl was writing about how much she misses
her girlfriend and the fact that they haven't had any
awesome sex for a few days. ahh. and another one was
about being a stripper who sleeps w/ a lot of pastors &
nice dads who "just need a break from it all". ok good.
and then there's that recent case where a 18-year-old girl
did the whole suicide bombing routine in israel and killed
another teenage girl who was just walking by.

so yeah. haha i've been having a really cheery morning,
but that stuff all just reminded me that a lot of people

ok and speaking of pastors (haha watch out, i'm on random
mode right now)...pj is leaving!! that's really
weird...kinda sad...and i'm really bummed since annika &
kristen & i started out accountability thing just a month
or two ago and it's been really cool. my dad said they'll
leave right around when school's out. my brother will
never marry his true destiny now. sigh.