living life
2002-04-09 18:19:30 (UTC)


Ok so my life can get better anytime so now!! Actually it
was going great. I meant Nate and he connect really
well for some reason, and then chris had to get in the
picture and screw things up. I think Im gonna lose Nate
over this and if that happens I will kill chris. Nate is a
good guy and seems to treat me well so far. Yes I
understand I have yet to meet him in person but he's
said some stuff to me that I dont think you would say to
someone if you didnt really like them but thats just me.
UGH why can't I just like nate and not have any
problems to deal with becaue I do, I have done nothing
wrong other then listen to my gut feeling. Im so
frustrated I just want to jump out the damn window!!!
well I'll write more later tonight if I feel the urge!!