Incoherent Thoughts...
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2002-04-09 17:59:24 (UTC)

"She goes BOOM BOOM BOOM!"

music: none, people are sleeping close by. So i must make
due with the hanson (shudder) lyrics in my head. MAKE IT

Anyways, it's been a very long weekend. Had a very
interesting IM conversation on friday night, with someone
that a very good friend of mine likes/ed. I'm not sure.
Basically, i feel like a cast member of degrassi dealing
with this weeks episode conflict. It's all about making
the right decisions, whats with me and my inability to do
so? Trying to decide which emotions to deal with and which
to ignore (thanks sean =) Its easier siad then done. Its
really weird because i am actually glad that the letter
hasn't come yet. I have a feeling it would make things
even more difficult for me. There is no way out of this
situation without hurting someone, and i can't, no
seriously, i can't/won't hurt anyone involved and i know
why. This should be easy right? make the decision they
teach you about in friends 101 but i can't do that. Once
again, i hate myself for it but i know why.
Anyways, other then that, i had a pretty good weekend. I
got to spend lot of time with my grandfather and we had a
great time. I'm sick. it sucks. But i will try and update
this more tomorrow. Until then...

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