Cbay tales, blokes and my mates
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2000-12-19 14:17:21 (UTC)

Hey, Ok, well I have 2 free..

Ok, well I have 2 free lessons now so hopefully I can feel
in this thing and not be disturbed! Anyway, as I was saying
dans great.
What else happened this weekend? Well, Chris went home, and
he's rang me nearly everyday since! I thought I had lost
interest in him, but I think what it is, is that I like the
mental imaginary image I have of him. He's great in
reality too, but there are doubts. My dad let me say bye
to him on my own, and waited in the car! Not much happened
though, Chris told me I shouldn't stay to see him leave coz
there are aload of wierdos about in the station, so at
least he cares about me! I gave him a hug and kiss goodbye
(nothing exciting, no tounges!!).
So, anyway, no hope for Lee, Chris is still there, Dan
hasn't rang in awhile, Ryan I'm not really interested in.
Then there's Stu. My best mate Sarah had a crush on him for
YONKS!!! Since about Feb this year. As I've said before,
she's got a new b/f now, but I think she's still obssessed,
probably! Anyway, I was sort of textin him last night. He
likes my old best mate Lousie, I reckon he should do
something about it...even though I kinda like him! Not
enough to chase him mind, he's just a good lookin guy.
Oh, I have to work on xmas eve, it's not fair! But it is
fancy dress, which will be cool! I'm going as a devil!!
Me and Susie have decided that when we have our exams in
june we're going to Challaborough for a weekend to
revise...and probably end up in chris's van that
night...not that I'm complaining!
I had something else to say, but I've completly forgotten,
and this is long enough, you probably can't be assed to
read down to here,