1 day in a life as it dies
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2002-04-09 17:27:49 (UTC)


ok a few days ago one of rosies friends oded I will not say
a name cuz she does not need everyone to know she is to
good of a person for that, her b/f who she truly loved
broke up with her well thats what I heard I dont know the
whole story. so that has me really down, memories I guess
from when my friends did the same but what really has me
pissed at myself is that I knew about it I have a habit
of "seeing" things before they happen not everything and I
am not right all the time and I was hoping I was wrong
about this, I would have put something about it in here
sooner but I was afried to tell rosie I was scared that she
would go crazy on me I guess I really do need to talk to

I have been pushing all my friends away for some reason and
it is getting them upsetI hate it when people are upset
with me, Nicki got online has night so I got to talk to her
again I was worried that she had ran off with her bf and
didnt say goodbye but her internet was down

on other news if I hadent said this before I fixed my
asshole of a brothers car I got sick of it, my mom peld me
at gun point my dads mistress I have seen and I went
camping this weekend YAY ME! not it snowed the first day I
was in a tent with no heater and I didnt have any pants I
fucking froze my ass off, I did get to walk around in the
woods and think about a lot of stuff I also broke my leg
(Kristine dont worry I'm ok lol it wouldnt take long if I
wasnt) and I got a bad cold but today I am ok which is
weird cuz I dont get well that quick normally. ok thats all
I got to say now ttyl

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