2002-04-09 17:13:56 (UTC)


I got back from the MEISA national conference in Nashville.
I left in hope of becoming closer with the members of
MEISA. And I kinda did. I always though Christa hated me
and that we would never get along, even we seemed to have
common interests. But somewhere along the way we just we
cool with each other. We sat down one of the nights there
and had a good conversation. As well, I learned a lot about
Rachel and Joel. I really respect both of them and we had
some fun times in the car ride there. Not only did I form
better relationships during the trip, but I met new people
and learned a lot about the business. I am dying to just
jump into it already. I wish I could manage a band or help
them with their publicity or something. I just want a
taste. Before the conference, I was definately into the
business and loved music, but now I love it even more. It
also reminded me of how much I love theatre and should
maybe try to get back into that.