Absinthe Inspired Ramblings...
2002-04-09 16:58:38 (UTC)

Roller Coaster of Love

Yea, on Wednesday I went to Six Flags with Zack and it was
AMAZING!!! We had so much fun! We ran around singing all
day. It was great! I love spending time with him! It was
really hot for most of the day, so I was kinda glad I left
my sweatshirt in the car, but as soon as the sun started
setting it got really really cold. So Zack held me in his
arms to keep me warm :). Oh, am I still glowing? :) Mychael
says I have stars in my eyes. I love this feeling!

On Thursday, Zack took me to see Moulin Rouge at this cute
little old theater with squeaky seats in Pasedena. It was
so awesome! I have it memorized, but I've never seen it on
the big screen before. We sang all the songs and (despite
Zacks efforts to keep me quite) I spoke all of the dialouge
(which I know by heart as well). It was incredible! I can't
think of a better "second date." Well that sounds a little
strange, doesn't it? A date with Zack. Strange, but good,
so good. In the illustrious words of Noah, "Zack and
Alena... weird." Hee hee.

Friday I had a concert to perform in for my friend
Jessica's Senior Project. I was really nervous about it and
I was half hoping he would be there and half hoping he
wouldn't (because, you know, I would be more nervous if he
was there). I really didn't think he was going to make it
cuz he said he had made plans with his friend Eric. But we
were getting ready to start and my cell phone rang I
answered it and it was him! He was on the other side of the
school looking for us. I felt this rush of exitement/
nervousness wash over me when I saw him. It was kinda cool.
The concert didn't go as well as we would have liked it to,
but I guess it was okay. We only raised about $40 which
isn't even enough to pay our accompanist who wants $50, let
alone have any money to give to our "charity" (it's just
the peer counseling group at the high school, so it's not
really a big deal, thet're used to not having any money).
Oh well, I'm glad I'm not in charge of the money part or
I'd be going crazy right now. Anyways, after the concert, I
was just a little upset and I really wanted to get out of
there, so Zack took me to play Counter Strike (or CS) with
him and his brothers. I thought this would be a little
weird because Josh was going, but it really wasn't. Zack
says he's okay with it, he thinks it's funnier then hell,
but he's okay with it. I had fun being violent and shooting
at Zack. :) j/k. He was going easy on me and letting me
beat him at first, but then, once I got the hang of it, he
started actually trying and I was still beating him
(sometimes). It was pretty cool seeing as I never win at
games like that. It was really fun for the first hour and a
half, but I have a short attention span, so I couldn't
focus on it for much longer. So we signed off and started
playing some of the other games on the computers. We took
Josh and Noah home and then we made the drive back to my
house last as long as we could. When we finally got there
(at 1:30 in the morning, after a short "break") I didn't
want to leave, but I had class in the morning, so I had to.

Saturday was the only day I didn't get to see him. He had a
wedding to go to and then he had made plans with his friend
Eric and I had class and my cousins party. She had a salsa
instructor, which was fun, but would have been more fun if
my "partener" (one of my cousins friends who I was
instructed to go dance with) knew what he was doing, or at
least had some rhythm. Oh well. Then, after the instructor
left, the DJ started playing this funky disco music, so I
went outside and called Zack. We talked for a while and
then he left to go play CS with Eric. I would have rather
ben with him then at that stupid party, but it was okay,
cuz we left shortly after (my brother had broken his pinky
the day before and it was bothering him). I went home and
went online and after a while he came on too (the computers
at GameZone have AIM on them and he had stopped playing CS
to see if anyone was online). We talked for a little while
(till about 12) and then he had to go, so we said goodnight
and I think I went to bed. Oh yea, now I remember why I
went online... I was printing out all 43 pages of the
Moulin Rouge script. I got in trouble for that one cuz my
brother wanted to get on and play Diablo. Oh well.

On Sunday I skipped out on church (I was supposed to go
with Jay but he never called me) and slept. It was good. I
stayed in my PJ's for most of the day. But then I called
Jessi and went to her house to "work on our field logs" for
our Senior projects (my mom had told me the night before
when I wouldn't get off the computer that she didn't want
me to go out). Crisatl was finally home from her cruise and
we wanted to see her. I wanted to see Zack too. So we
allhad a movie night at Jessi's. We watched Empire Records
(shock me shock me shock me!) which Cristal had never seen.
It was fun.

Yesterday, after Chamber Singers rehearsal and Cristals
audition, we went to Jessi's house. We grubbed and watched
part of Now and Then, but Cristal had to be home by 5, so
Jessi's dad took her and Frank home and my mom picked me
up. I went home and went online. I was talking to Jessi and
Cristal for a while in a buddy chat (with Jessi's gay
friend Tommy too) and then Zack came online. We invited him
into our crazy chat too, but I mostly just talked to him in
an IM. He was supposed to be studying, but I was
distracting him. It was fun (okay, I really need to stop
saying that!), but I felt bad cuz I don't want him to fail
his class. I was supposed to be doing work to, but I
didn't, oh well, I'll do it next period.

This could very possibly be the longest week in the year. I
have performances and Senior Projects and classes and I
won't get to see Zack until Friday. That makes me sad :(.
But talking to him after school will put a smile on my
face :). Well, gotta go. Geez! You think I've written
enough?!?!?! Hee hee. Alright, bye.