Life according to Luvie..
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2002-04-09 16:15:15 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
I have to get a damn shirt before it is too late. I need it
by third period. Then afterschool John and me have to order
damn corsage and that "butanere"...I spelled that as I
would pronounce it. I don't know. This all does seem like a
lot of trouble for one night.

I mean dammit I hope this is all worth it. I am getting
impatient. I just want it to come so I can get it over
with. Just imagine when my wedding comes around. I will
most likely have a VEGAS wedding.

No my husband will probably be the patient one in it. I
will most likely be engaged for about six months before the
actual big church/reception wedding takes place. Well I
would at least four months. There's my impatience talking.
I don't know.

Right now I have to tell Charlie that we have to go to my
great grandma's. To pick up my shirt. I need to talk to the
people from my work because I am most likely getting
written up. So I am going to quit soon. I have to tell him
now. So that you know he'll know. I don't want a job.

I do but I don't. So therefore, I will get a new job. But I
want a restaurant job during the summer. I can pull in more
hours and have time for it. My mother isn't letting me go
with my Aunt M for a month, so I guess I'll work at Denny's
or IHOP. Oh well. Life's a virgin. Because if it were a
bitch, it'd be easy.

I'm quoting my first love. Something else he said was
significant. He said that if you can't afford a condom then
what makes you think you can afford a baby. So true. Oh
well. Enough of his words of wisdom. Gots to go.
Love always,

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